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Gift of a Lifetime

Makorra: Gift of a Lifetime- Chapter.1Gift of a Lifetime
Chapter 1: We're All Happy
She could remember the heat between their skins; shivers went up her spine as she recalled the feeling of his hands in her hair. Vague memories of his lips against hers danced across her mind; he tasted like alcohol, but she couldn't really complain- she must have tasted the same. Her hands tingled whenever she remembered how the fabric of his jacket felt knotted between her fingers and his hair soon after.
She was sure she could bring more memories to surface, but the idea of delving any further made her entire body flush; the idea of crawling under a rock sounding like a top-notch plan. More importantly, Korra tried not to think of that night at all. Not because it had been awful; awkward, maybe, but she couldn't remember enough of it to know. But the real reason she kept the memories locked away was because the incident had been unplanned. It hurt her more however, to realize that the act wasn't out of love or passion, but out of
Makorra: Gift of a Lifetime- Chapter.2Chapter 2: So Long Rabbaroo
"No." Tenzin leaned forward at his desk. "No. No-no." He stroked his beard out of habit and shifted to his side a bit. "I'm afraid she's too sick for that." Tenzin stared at his wooden desk as Tarrlok kept jabbering nonsense on the other side of the line. The airbender pulled the phone away from his ear for a moment to let out an audible sigh. "The flu," Tenzin answered back. "It's running longer than expected. She'll be seeing a doctor." The older man tried his best to bite back a piece of his mind. "Today sometime." Not like it was any of Tarrlok's business when the Avatar was going to be visited by a practitioner. "I'm afraid you'll have to do without her until she gets better. And even then she still won't agree to rejoin." After a few more moments of Tarrlok's smooth talk, Tenzin ended the conversation with, "Well good luck to you then," and hung up.
The airbender sighed loudly and rested his head in his hands. He just didn't understand why Tarrlok coul
Makorra: Gift of a Lifetime: Ch.3Chapter 3: Audacious Accusation
Never had the arena looked so intimidating. Usually when one looked upon it they were awestruck and filled with excitement. At night it glowed like a heavenly being, while in the day it stood as a golden monument of community. But for the first time Korra had never felt so put off by the building. It seemed as though it were too big and too obnoxiously golden for her eyes to take in. If that wasn’t enough, she couldn’t really hear the all of the buzz around her; she was far too engulfed by the building and what awaited her inside to open her ears.
Korra felt queasy once again, but this time she knew it wasn’t because of the blossoming life inside of her. Her nerves had been a wreck since she found out only yesterday afternoon and they only worsened when she woke up this morning to get dressed. Yesterday she had vowed to herself she would march over to the arena and spill the news to Mako. She didn’t want to put it off and allo
Makorra: Gift of a Lifetime Ch.4Chapter 4: The Girl with the World on her Shoulders
Five days.
Five days since Korra learned of the child supposedly taking residence inside of her.
Four days since she told the father of the child. Four days since the father rejected her and the child. Four days of trying to come to terms with everything, but succeeding in nothing close to acceptance. None of it felt real; a nightmare if anything, and she expected to wake up, but she didn’t. Every day she was jolted awake in the mornings by the urge to vomit, but sleep wouldn’t easily come back to her. Two weeks of being as sick as a dog, but no cure, because it wasn’t an actual illness.
Tenzin wasn’t informed of the details of her doctor visit. Instead she lied and told him it was a long-term bug that could easily last up to a month. So now her teacher wouldn’t allow her to train. Her only outlet had been bending, but now even that was taken away from her. Meditation was the only thing she was allow
Makorra: Gift of a Lifetime Ch.5 Pt.1Chapter 5: Last Grain of Sand
He was supposed to be a patient man; a man of understanding and virtue. He was raised to be as such by his father, the last airbender and Avatar, as well as his mother. He took his role quite seriously; taking great pride in being an airbender, as well as the son of the previous Avatar. Tenzin was just as serious and proud of training the new Avatar. However…he couldn’t say he was proud about how he had just treated her. His father, back in the day, would have pulled him back and told him to calm down and try to find a silver lining. His mother would have had a similar reaction to his own, however she would have probably come around. Now if his mother had seen him at her old age, she would have smacked him over the head. Katara had a soft spot for Avatar Korra, and she knew just how tough it could be to be a teenage girl and the Avatar.
Spirits, he was grateful neither of them were physically there to see how he had yelled at his pupil
Makorra: Gift of a Lifetime Ch.5 Pt.2Chapter 5: Last Grain of Sand
Days of practice went by and Mako and Korra fought. Mako would always start off the argument with how she shouldn’t be playing; that it wasn’t safe. And Korra would launch back and glare at him; he swore if those eyes could shoot fire, he would have been dead already. Although they argued, and she always won, Mako couldn’t rid himself of the bothersome feeling he had held within himself for nearly a week. Her decision to play was worrisome, but her decision to abort the baby was far more concerning.
Korra seemed so adamant about playing that he began to second guess his concerns. Maybe Korra really had thought things through and was completely prepared to give up this child to the spirit world. Still, the team captain could see that same forced demeanor in everything his waterbender did. Granted, it was a little bit harder to see when she was bending. However, he could tell by how flatfooted and distracted she was that her head wasn&
Makorra: Gift of a Lifetime Ch.6Chapter 6: The Eleventh Hour
The lightning tore through the sky, leaving roaring thunder in its wake. The dark clouds hid the ongoing fight of nature from the bright city below, but the threat of rain was still among the utopia's dwellers. An easy-going breeze was flitting through the streets and dancing with the ocean, but so far the storm it brought remained dormant, and the city still stayed alive with the droning sounds of cars and idle chatter.
However, at the island, the rustle of thousands of trees and the sound of the water slapping the shores were all that could be heard. Everyone was inside and had retired for the night, completely content with letting nature throw its tantrum.
She should have been sleeping, but instead Korra's thoughts were racing to the night of the match. Each little moment replayed over and over again in her mind, but none of those things fazed her. What did faze her was the panic she'd felt when she woke up in the clinic. The first thought which came to
Makorra: Gift of a Lifetime Ch.7Chapter 7: Too Early for This
Tenzin enjoyed his mornings. He had a set routine to most of them, and ravished in every second of the organization of his early schedule. But his morning went south when he found that Korra wasn’t in her room.
At first, the older man had assumed the waterbender had gone to the bathroom. When he hadn’t heard her blowing chunks in there, he went to the meditation pavilion- perhaps the Avatar had gotten a head start on her training this morning. But she wasn’t there. He scanned all of her favorite places on the island. He came to the terrible conclusion that she must have run off in the middle of the night.
It would be Tenzin’s luck, however, that he wouldn’t be granted the time to worry about where his pupil went. Instead he was told councilman Tarrlok was at the front of the temple and requested to see Tenzin.
Monkey feathers. That man couldn’t have come at a worse time. Before Tenzin could even walk out the front
Makorra: Gift of a Lifetime Ch.8Chapter 8: Feeling Brave
A week later, the Avatar found herself perched on her bed with yet another predicament in front of her.
The waterbender sighed and swallowed the dry lump in her throat. Licking her lips, she looked down at the notebook in her lap, then out the window, and then back to the parchment-bound book. She twirled the pen in her dark fingers, but it never made contact with the paper.
Korra beat the end of the pen against her leg and took a deep breath. She supposed she could be blunt in telling her parents; it had worked for her with everyone else. (Well, maybe not.) But she felt that being blunt in the form of a letter would be inappropriate. Not only would it give off the wrong vibe – she imagined one of fear and indifference- but it would leave her parents with so many questions. She wouldn't be there to explain everything to them in person, so they would have to wait days to receive a response from her. She really didn't want her parents to sit on a mound of c
Makorra: Gift of a Lifetime Ch.9 Pt.1Chapter 9: Little Bender
Korra stared up at her ceiling with dull eyes. She wasn’t ready to get up and face the day. Her body felt heavy and her eyelids wanted to close and whisk her back to the land of sleep. But sleep was elusive, and she realized that she was probably up for the day.
Sitting up, the Avatar sighed and relished in the calmness in her stomach. As of late the morning sickness had slowed and she was able to hold down her food. Korra’s relief was quickly staunched when she caught site of the ever-growing mountain of wadded papers engulfing her trash bin. It had been a week since she tried writing the first letter to her parents; since then she had made draft after draft and thrown each and every one of them unceremoniously into the bin.
Korra slouched and rested her elbows on her thighs. She was into her fourth month, and she had known about the child growing inside of her for a little over a month now. It was past due to tell her parents, but she couldn
Makorra: Gift of a Lifetime Ch.9 Pt.2"Hey, Pema."
Pema was thrown off her guard when she heard the familiar tinkling of Asami Sato's voice in the kitchen entry way. She hadn't expected to see the Sato heiress ever again, except maybe in the newspapers. From what Korra had told her, Asami hadn't taken the news from Mako very well.
"Asami!" Jinora chirped from the table as she closed her latest favorite book.
"Asami, Asami," Ikki said quickly, as she jumped up from her spot at the table and ran up to Asami. "Did you hear, did you hear?" The airbender bounced up and down excitedly. "Mako and Korra are gonna have a baby!"
"Ikki…" Pema tried to keep the strain and terror out of her voice. She couldn't really scold her for spreading what she thought was 'exciting' news. They didn't want to tell the eight-year old that Mako and Korra's baby was unintentional, because she was still a tad too young to know those details. Besides, Pema hadn't really sat down with the kids and told them to keep the anticipation from Asami. To
Makorra: Gift of a Lifetime- Chapter.10 Pt.1Chapter 10: Men’s Talk
Sleep was a precious gift. It was comforting like a blanket, and rejuvenating like the sun that pushed fire through his veins. It allowed him to reset his body, his mind, and his spirit. He would admit that he had been taking it for granted--especially as of late--but once he was in sleep’s tender hold, he remembered just how gracious and loving it truly was.
Spirits, he loved sleep. Sometimes he felt like he could just sleep for days--especially lately, with how busy he had been. Probending, working, going to the island every night to visit Korra, and then finally returning to his cozy bed to settle in for a short night’s sleep, before the cycle started all over again.
Speaking of resting in his cozy bed, his bed didn’t feel quite right. It felt a bit firmer. Now that he thought about it, he felt like he could see less light through his eyelids than he usually did in the mornings; the scaling windows of the attic often let in the entirety
Makorra: Gift of a Lifetime Ch.10 Pt.2It was just after dinner when Tenzin was finally able to take time away from his council work and the Avatar-in-training to address the paper work that had, against all odds, doubled in size on his desk since yesterday. He sighed and trudged over to his chair and sat down, ready to take each packet, file, and article of mail one at a time.
He took the first document off of the top of the pile and then looked at the clock on the wall to his left. Seven forty-five. Mako had missed dinner, and still hadn’t arrived back to the island. He had nonchalantly asked his student where the firebender was and she somberly replied that he was either at work or probending practice. Bolin, who was a common face at the dinner table these days, had piped in and said that he was probably either practicing for their match next week or lifting weights. “And then he has to turn right back around and go to work at five tomorrow.”
“You’re kidding?” Pema asked incredulously.

It was an accident; it was just once, but sometimes once is all it takes. And even though he didn't belong to her, he would still stand by her side through it all. Makorra. Drama/Romance. PG-13. In progress

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Gift of a Lifetime
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